Friday, April 25, 2008

my newly-discovered painting muscles...

a brief explanation:
in spending more and more time trying to get the hang of this digital painting thing, i realized a few things. first, a strong underdrawing will only make the painting stronger, especially true for those who are weaker in painting. second since im practicing painting specifically, spending less time coming up with sufficiently strong underdrawings is a factor. the anwer: just steal from the best! haha the follwing drawings are not mine, but the quick paintings are. the first is from the always AMAZING alan tew and the second is a big source of inspiration to me: Mr. Ryan Ottley.

drawing: alan tew

drawing : ryan ottley

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Delidel said...

great start, is it terrible that i'm posting a comment to your blog only because you appear to have fewer posts than mine? or is that just the golden rule in practice? anyway, if you're in art school you're going to get a hang of this digital painting faster and better'n me, so i'll just say my kudos before you completely lap me artistically.